Evolution is Obsolete

Evolution is irrelevant. This doesn’t mean it isn’t still an ongoing phenomenon. It is. But the same reason Darwin’s theory was perfect before the overwhelming and freely available data made it de rigueur, the incredibly vast tracts of time necessary (and demonstrably passed) for mutations to occur, spread an influence, and nudge subsequent generations thus advantages to prevail in their contemporary survival of the fittest, is why it’s no longer a factor for homo sapiens. We have technology and science. Medicine and civilisation has transformed the criteria for a generation’s passing their genes. More important and despite any legacy opposition from those opposed to the momentum of innovation, what’s more likely to transform human beings into whatever forms might be extant a thousand years hence? We can barely imagine the state of our successor but we know parents won’t allow their children to be denied the latest advances; or benefit themselves. This is a mere millennium. Evolution and its impact operates on tens, hundreds of thousands of years, luck permitting, else it can be millions. Faced with the imagination, creativity and application it doesn’t stand a chance.

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